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martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

Hoy premiere de Operación Skyfall en Londres

El día de hoy se llevará a cabo la premiere de Operación Skyfall en Londres, de la cual se realizará transmisión vía Internet.
Pueden estar atentos a este evento, entrando en:


12:00 - Live stream testing begins
12.30 - Test finish

(If no problems).
13.00 - SonyPicsUK Channel Switch over
Custom Gadget Active on /SonyPicsUK channel
Live Event Countdown Slate in place - should be showing 4 hours to go.
*Custom Gadget Active on /JamesBond007 channel

16:30 - Switch live stream to "Broadcast about to Start"
Streaming Tank switch to Stream about to Start slate
Should be 30 minutes left to go
"Start Broadcasting" Selected and confirm
YouTube Confirm slate on YouTube watch page

16:50 - Gadget switch-over to live state
Switch over to live state

17:00 - Event Programme begins
17:00 - Programme Commences/ Footage to Screens
17:15 - Royal Navy Drummer Performance
17:20 - Daniel Craig Arrives followed by Rest Of Cast
17:45 - RAH Doors Open
19:10 - RAH Doors Close/ Talent to Line-Up Positions
19:30 - Royal arrival on the carpet, which means we would run to at least 7.30pm

19:35 - Planned Event Finish
Slate Change - Broadcast Over

19:45 - Channel Gadget Switch over
Broadcast Stops

19:45 VOD content/highlights (TBC)
Streaming Tank/Sassy Films make VOD content
VOD content uploaded to SonypicsUK channel account.


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